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Academic physicians wear many hats. You write grants; conduct research; publish; oversee the performance of trainees, staff, and students; coordinate with co-investigators; serve on committees; and you do all of the above while staying up to date on new developments in medicine.

Whether on service or in outpatient settings, clinical work frequently spills over into time allocated to research. Physicians who are an “only” or one of very few members of groups that have been marginalized in medicine face the additional hurdle of bias in situations ranging from student evaluations to grant reviews.

Even with enough time for research, any number of things can go awry. A co-investigator may take a large percentage of your effort but drag their feet on the work. Staff members might underperform, or move on to different positions, leaving holes in your team. Grants that score poorly may result in the loss of funding, personnel, and morale. However, if every grant is funded, you will have the funds, but not the time to carry out the research.

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We support physicians in academic medicine to:

  • Clarify your mission and goals
  • Judiciously vet potential co-investigators, staff, and student workers
  • Align your time use to support your most important objectives
  • Delegate successfully in both the research and clinical realms
  • Negotiate for resources, desired leadership roles, author order, and more
  • Create cultures of equity and inclusion in both clinical and research settings
  • Respond effectively to biased behavior, whether from patients, other members of the medical team, students, or staff
  • Constructively manage professional relationships at all levels
  • Carve out more time to write papers and grants
  • Chart patient visits with greater efficiency
  • Set aside time for big-picture thinking
  • Set appropriate boundaries to allow time for family, a personal life, and exercise

Physician Leaders in Academic Medicine

After taking on new responsibilities on top of their already full research and clinical loads, the physician leaders we work with often lament that their schedules are now unmanageably full. Additionally, despite the many years devoted to training as a clinician and researcher, they wish they had more preparation for setting and implementing strategic goals and for the management of people and politics that are necessary in a leadership role.

We support physician leaders to:

  • Engage in a generative visioning process
  • Strategically plan and carry out organizational change efforts
  • Create cultures of inclusion and belonging for patients, faculty, students, and staff
  • Manage difficult relationships at all levels
  • Ensure adequate time for family, friends, and personal wellness
  • Navigate the challenges that come with holding positional leadership and also having one or more marginalized social identities
  • Strengthen your executive presence
  • Make discerning choices about when to say “yes” and when to say “no”
  • Nourish and build your professional networks
  • Carve out time for big-picture thinking and planning
  • Expertly negotiate for themselves and their programs

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Women Physicians in Academic Medicine

Although there have been positive changes in medical culture as the number of women entering medicine has increased, there are still vast differences by specialty. Even in specialties where numbers are on par, women physicians still must contend with the effects of conscious and unconscious biases. While they value meaningful patient relationships, women physicians are subject to additional demands from patients who expect more availability and nurturing from female doctors as compared with men. Women physicians often struggle to combine demanding careers with the kind of personal and family lives that they long for. Leader Academic coaches support women physicians to achieve their professional goals without sacrificing their significant relationships or their own well-being.

What They’re Saying

“It has been not only an extraordinary coaching, but a life-changing event. I already experience and harvest the benefits in my daily work and personal life. I also support other female colleagues to find their way to lead and advance and definitely will encourage them to join the next series.”

– Dr. Vasiliki Pelekanou, MD, PhD, after attending the ten session Leading Edge workshop series for women in medicine at Yale