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Meet Rena Seltzer

Expert Coach + Dynamic Speaker

Rena Seltzer, Principal Coach

Coaching Experience

Rena Seltzer has over a decade of experience coaching professors, physicians, and academic leaders to reach their personal and professional goals. She is the author of The Coach’s Guide for Women Professors: Who Want a Successful Career and a Well-Balanced Life, and a popular speaker at universities including Yale, the University of Michigan, The University of Virginia, and Cornell University. Her dynamic interactive workshops combine well-researched information with practical tools that participants remember and continue to employ long after the workshops are over. Rena has worked with professors across a wide range of disciplines including the social sciences, humanities, and STEM fields, and in professional schools including human and veterinary medicine, law, business, public health, and social work.

Education + Interests

With an undergraduate degree in social science and women’s studies and a Master of Social Work degree, Rena has long been interested in the interaction between people and their environment. Rena follows issues of gender, race, class, disability, and sexual and gender identity, and brings that interest and awareness into her work.

Background + Personal

During Rena’s earlier career as a psychotherapist, she completed coach training through the MentorCoach program. Living in the college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Rena quickly discovered the power of coaching to transform academic’s work lives, and shortly thereafter she founded the coaching and training business Leader Academic. Rena lives with her physician partner and their two sons. She enjoys biking, long walks, hiking, and holds a black-belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate.

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What They’re Saying

“Rena knows academia, in all its glories and pitfalls….I am a happier, healthier, higher-impact, and more productive academic, thanks to Rena’s coaching.”

– Dolly Chugh, Associate Professor, New York University

“I needed to transform how I approached my research. Rena was instrumental in ensuring I was incredibly productive.  From goal setting to structuring my time effectively to creating metaphors that facilitated my ability to push through challenges, she has helped to make me a happier and more efficient academic.  Her positive energy is infectious and her ability to help her clients see the big picture is unparalleled.  I don’t know what I’d do without her!”

– Modupe Akinola, Assistant Professor, Columbia University

“Rena’s coaching has helped me navigate challenges and solve problems relating to research, administration, and career planning. Rena’s coaching has helped me enormously professionally. I also appreciate the greater peace of mind; thanks to our discussions, I don’t take work frustrations home with me.”

– John Cawley, Professor of Policy Analysis and Management, Professor of Economics, co-Director of the Institute on Health Economics, Health Behaviors and Disparities, Cornell University.

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